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My Values

I value you for being YOU.

I value what you have gone through and what you are going through at this point in your life.

Life can be challenging and it becomes more challenging when we are not seen and heard. I trust that amidst all of life's challenges we can all find our own solutions, answers and healing with the right care and support. 

As a psychotherapeutic counsellor and psychotherapist I am here to guide you so that you may explore where you are now, how you can grow for yourself and where you want to be. 

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My work experience

I have always been intrigued by people and human relationships, which led me to work with people who face different mental health issues. Working as a volunteer, supporting individuals who had suicidal ideation, gave me a better appreciation of the complexities of mental health and mental illness. This experience led me to work with charities that support mental health and a holistic approach to healing and recovery. Working with charities has helped me to better understand the impact of everyday stress, social pressures, gender, trauma, relationship and work issues. These experiences have shaped my private practice through the ability to empathise with people who are struggling and who want to change and experience a better version of themselves.

I work with clients who experience stress, anxiety and depression which can be rooted in  past and present experiences. I work with burnout and help clients  develop their own work-life balance. I explore 

self-esteem issues and help clients create a better and secure sense of themselves. I support  clients who go through relationship issues and helped them to recognise and communicate their needs. I also work with clients who want to reflect on their past and how it is affecting them in their present life. 


I enable clients who are going through challenges with gender, trans, and racial identity  develop their own  genuine self and belonging. I also facilitate clients create a better understanding of how intergenerational trauma affects them directly and how they can slowly stop the pattern of pain. 

I am trained as an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor  which means that I adjust my work to the needs of my clients and provide focused support in order for them to become more self-aware, develop personal growth and find their own healing. I also studied Jungian psychoanalytic approach which values our unconscious and how it affects us in our everyday life. My degree in  Psychosocial studies explored our life circumstances and intersectionality and that has inspired my work to help clients understand their mental health and wellbeing. 

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