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Do not hesitate to send an enquiry message or book an initial session. The first session is a chance for both of us to know if we can work collaboratively.

Most of my first sessions are online. A confirmation email will be sent to you once an initial session is set between us. The 50 minute initial session is a space wherein we can explore together what has brought you into therapy, knowing your needs, what you need from me as a counsellor and what you might want to unpack in therapy. 

A counselling contract  will be sent to you when we decide that we can work together focusing on your therapeutic goals. Sessions are set and agreed on a weekly basis to help you process your thoughts and emotions effectively and consistently. 

Making a decision to be in therapy is not easy. You might be hesitant which I can understand but as a non-judgemental counsellor I am here to accept you as YOU. I accept the pain and the challenges that you are going through and your need to find your own solutions with the support of therapy. 


I offer online counselling and psychotherapy to clients wherever. I have limited slots for in-person counselling/psychotherapy. Please email me for availability.

I also offer Filipino-Tagalog and Filipino-Cebuano sessions. 


Email enquiry: 


Initial online session: £30

Per online session: £60

Per in person session: (Subject to availability)

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